A flue is the long shaft leading from your firebox up to the protrusion at the top of your chimney.  It is composed of several flue tiles or a type of liner (stainless steel or aluminum are common types of liners) which line the chimney if the flue tiles from the original building are cracked.

DCLU (Department of Code Land Use) requires that every chimney is protected by a cap.  For more information on our chimney caps.

Chimney cleanings are recommended every 6-12 months depending on usage.

Prices vary depending on product or service.  Feel free to visit our Pricing page to find out more.

A woodstove insert is a woodstove that has been inserted into the firebox of a regular open fireplace.

An average chimney / chimney flue takes approximately a half-hour to clean.

No.  Each fireplace will have its own individual flue.  Although both fireplaces might be physically encased in the same exterior structure, it is necessary for each fireplace to have its own flue to eliminate cross draft problems and other difficulties.

For a service fee our technician will try to fix your damper.  If your damper is stuck, you can use WD-40 on the hinged areas and try to work them loose.  However, if none of the above cure the problem we can install a new top-mounting damper.  It is installed on top of your chimney with a cable running down the flue to the firebox for easy opening and closing.  The old damper is then either propped open or removed.